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The Dirty Vice Band is a talented group of seven musicians hailing from Long Island's south shore, each bringing their own unique musical style to the mix. Their sound is a fusion of rock, funk, soul, and pop hooks, with improvisation at the core.

Their story began in the winter of 2013 when four members, guitarist Barry Pittman, drummer Pete Rettaliata, bassist Jim Phelan, and keyboardist Mike Phelan, started playing together in Pittman's garage adjacent to his wood-working shop. The addition of rhythm guitarist Jamie Hoyler and lead singer Rayzor Lazor solidified the group, and they began rehearsing more formally.

In May of 2014, they played their first show as The Dirty Vice Band at local bar Declan Quinn's, and quickly gained a following on Fire Island. Percussionist Doug Meehan joined the band in July, expanding the core group to seven members.

The band's genre-defying sound has garnered them a loyal fanbase and opened doors to larger venues, including opening for Kool & the Gang at Stamford, CT's Wednesday Nite Live and Blues Traveler at the Mayday Music Festival. They continue to write and perform music across the tri-state area, showcasing their fluid musical identity that sets them apart. The Dirty Vice Band may not be easy to label, but their unique sound is unmistakably their own.

Photo Credit: Old King Cole Photography